No Digital in RTÉ licence

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ComReg is required to issue a licence to the RTÉ Authority for the transmission of
its programme services under the Broadcasting Authority Act 1960 as amended.
The Licence must also conform, with the new EU regulatory framework.
In summary:

The Licence permits the transmission of RTÉ radio and television
services. (2005 – 2012)

The Licence is being renewed for analogue broadcasting only and does
not allow for digital broadcasting.

so RTÉ will do digital stuff in the next 7 years but it will not be covered in their licence, I have a TV licence, I can’t get decent analogue signal in suburban Dublin, I watch digital BBC as the snow on RTÉ 1 & 2 is so bad. Their is little chance RTÉ on astra2D will go FTA. There is little interest in DTT. Time for a pirate explosion, that forced RTÉ into Radio 2 and FM late 70’s.

So what I plan to do, and you heard it first here, Broadcast a DRM station on 1278khz to the Beaumont area. To start with I will just broadcast a test tone ala the jamming, and then apply for the non existent licence, and then start the stereo AM service with text & picture.. Anyone interested.