make networks not-work

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I spend lots of time trying to work with PCs and trying to get them to work for me

for fun, what would make them not work! last thursday the Police in London had to decide switch off or leave on the mobile networks… could the same happen for landlines/dsl or wireless?

if you were not the police, and wanted to make your network notwork, or take out a PC on its own how would you do it?

my xdaii is on top of the PC, and when I get a txt it takes out the mouse for 10 seconds.. if I blast 12watts of am/usb voice modulated RF (eg key up a CB radio) beside or 10 feet from a PC it has a good chance of dying quickly, if I remove the rubber ball in the mouse, it stops the kids using it!

I’m not trying to take out a system or anything like that but just welcome views on ways to make PCs not-work. PCs power photo machines, kids rides, bio metric ID machines…