Let the 3Games begin

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3G is here, dwarfing HSCSD & GPRS its goals goals goals, at broadband speed.

But what if your a 7 year old child, the UK mobile industry watchdog for radiation wants your parents to know that a mobile phone is bad for your health.

So how come a big phone company can install (with out need for planning permission) a 3G array of masts 15m from the 7 year olds classroom.

The 7 year old shouts “Take it down”. Another own goal for the telco’s.

Why can’t they site these masts far away from children who absorb 60% more electromagnetic radiation than an adult? How can a Minister for Communications, Dempsey allow it to happen? Because Minister Dempsey was the Minister in enviornment that granted the planning exemption to the multinational radiation companies.

Don’t let the Third Generation wipe out the youngest generation, kids not quids, please site UMTS masts somewhere where children don’t sit 35 hours a week.