Labour Party on ASBO’s

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Pat Rabbitte says
“I also believe that we need new mechanisms to deal with this new type of crime, including some revised and adopted version of the UK system of anti-social behaviour orders.”

Labour Youth says
Michael McDowell wants to criminalise youth through the introduction of ASBOs. Anti-social behaviour is defined as “likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress”. This definition is so vague it can extend to any act. ASBOs in Britain have banned behaviour that is not criminal in itself such as playing football or being sarcastic. McDowell’s ASBOs will draw more young people into the criminal justice system. Attention should be directed instead at the root causes of ‘anti-social behaviour’ such as under-resourced education, lack of playgrounds, public swimming pools, non-alcoholic venues e.g. youth clubs etc.

what would a labour minister in an Enda Kenny (FG) Government do?
I also note that the website has removed its content while staying online.