If Santa used UPS

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Im tracking my new video iPod as UPS wing it to me, it left the UK DERBY, at 21:48 on the 20th, headed to KOELN (COLOGNE), DE (is this a EU hub for UPS) and I will follow it as it tries to land before 25th 🙂

If we could track Santa like this the kidz would be glued to the PC on the 24th …

the new iPod [my first] is engraved “demand radio on demand” a term I coined in 1999 along with radio for the DSL and Cable generation. As with my efforts in 1999 my Radio Erin project in 1996 lacked rss enclosures and broadband but the vision was there. Its bad enough been ahead of your time once but twice! I hope UPS are ahead of time and the iPod lands safely.

cookies and milk ready for UPS employee
[UPDATE] I ordered at 3pm Monday, I was dropped into my hand at 11am Wednesday! the packaging was minimal but of the usual height quality, so small for so big a price, nothing pre loaded, bono is on the front of the box but no tunes to get me started. its 10% full or as I see it 90% empty now. I moved a DVD onto it and the quality is very good, the sound quality over memory sticks and the w800i makes the iPod play it the upper leagues. It has a crummy case I think I need an anti drop type with silicone corners. Now I need to work out how 2 PCs can dock to it without conflict….