fáilte go dtí ár gréasán

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as 3ireland launch today i think what we did before mobiles.

less contactable equalled more free time (more me time) less responsive equalled more meaningful when we did f2f (face to face, or eyeball if you were a CB’er) There it is again, me an CB radio, the name said it all. Citizens Band, Power to the People. now its not crazy 40’s its ARPU’s (Average Revenue Per User) how much these feckers can stitch us for. And the Irish are the most screwed. We talk a lot, gift of the gab, licence to print money, well it was if you could get a capped 2G licence. Irish customers still show the highest level of voice usage per customer in the entire Vodafone Group?s controlled mobile businesses, the company claimed.

Will Irish people take to video calling as much? do we talk so much to stay in touch or fill voids, empty vessels making the most sound. Will we pay annually 4 times the TV licence fee to see a goal on the back of a matchbox when we could watch the match on the box for free?

02 make about 12Billion a year, and like Vodafone they too have one of their highest ARPU’s (Amplified Radiation Penetrating yoU) in Ireland. One thing the ejits in the Govt. forgot, Its our airwaves its our national resource, they managed it, and leased it, rented it and sold it to the big telcos. If ever there was a case for nationalisation post revolution (after the Banks) it would be these guys, sure it would just be the re management of the spectrum in the interest of people not profit.

{*} from the picture at the top of the story you can see that there is an unclaimed b1 licence available in the Irish market. Now that meteor has a sugar daddy, perhaps they to will think 3G. And then we can have the total waste of four duplicated networks spilling EMR into our homes and schools in the name of national development, profit and competition. It doesn’t make me sick, but there is 1-2% of population that are very sick, and some are sleeping in cars tonight.