Tsunami not Tidal Waves

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A few points on the death toll in Southern Asia

  • The tragedy has been under estimated since it began
  • Why didn’t the coastal towns get 3+ hour warning (the lack of central telephone alert is not a good enough excuse)
  • Its NOT a tidal wave, the tide has nothing to do with a tsunami.
  • Will greater emphases be brought to bear on the tragedy because of the status of the western holidayer’s that were killed? (according to John O’Shea of GOAL it will, and this is a good thing)
  • The aid package from the UK govt. was a joke.

This has been a horrific disaster, when the 24 hour news channels have lost interest in the body count, the reconstruction and clean up will go on. If the above sounds like cribbing, well in part it is. I just wish there was a better way to avoid it, a swifter reaction to help when it does happen and a longer term commitment to help our fellow citizens of the planet when they need it.