Sinn Fein 4 suits

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DUBLINíS Deputy Lord Mayor has strongly hit back at claims that he showed disrespect to a Northside art group by turning up at their function dressed in a sweater, jeans and runners.Cllr Andrew Montague (Lab) received a late call to represent the mayoral office at the Coolock Library Art groupís 13th annual exhibition last Tuesday night.
has larry lost it? Cllr Larry O’Toole of Sinn Fein has attacked deputy lord mayor of Dublin City Council for attending a function in jeans n trainers. Is this what the sum total of a weeks agenda amounts to? the fact that the LAB rival of SF Cllr is not wearing an armani ? surely there are more important issues that SF could tackle like Irish Ferries lockout (this week) Bin Charge increases and NTL hikes of 8.5%. Larry if you need to get published in print so often, release a local issue of your own party newspaper…..