Race against Race

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The Government has decided to hold the referendum on citizenship rights on 11 June, at the same time as the local and European elections.

[bhg->] I hope the electronic machines can handle 3 polls at once

The fact that this date was chosen by PD/FF to hold a referendum on what will become a more divisive issue than it has ever been is shocking, the bill has not been presented, there are 9 weeks to polls open and no green paper published. FF TDs claim that there is a major problem with immigration (legal & illegal) where babies born in Ireland are entitled to citizenship.

First they stop pregnant women leaving Ireland, now they wont let them in!

This is a smoke screen in smoke free Ireland for the way the Govt. dealt with the health system, where nurses are priced out of their low paid jobs and queuing on trolleys for days is normal.

Blame them for the health crisis, them being FF & PD.