Pay by use – its not news Martin

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Martin Cullen [MC] again announces pay by use and this time a date (which FF’ers may think will help the door step abuse they are due this may/june) by 01//01/05 all counties must deploy a by volume or weight scheme for waste collection in Ireland.

The fact that the hated double tax in anti bin tax heartland of Fingal is a by volume tax is missed on poor MC. The success of the anti bin tax campaign in winning the arguments against the Fingal system forced the Irish Govt. to rush in non collection laws to beat the people into submission.

The Fingal Double Tax system was introduced on March 4th 2002 (2 years ago) thousands of Fingal residents like myself have refused to tag their bin which costs Eur260 per annum.

For a clue as to why this was announced yesterday in the lead in to a local election campaign, cast your memory back to the FF conference a few weeks ago and the Q&A question from FF Fingal councilor Michael Kennedy to MC. more a statement of fear of the real opposition than a real question Kennedy urged MC to introduce a Fingal type system nationally.

The fact remains that volume based waste collection in Fingal over two years has failed to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill – more full bins collected less often does not equal a reduction and exposes this blatant scheme as revenue driven double tax on overburdened tax compliant Fingal citizens.