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If the country’s telecommunications regulator allows National Roaming then the need for any more new mast sites will be massively reduced.

National Roaming is being considered by ComReg after years of competition in the market place has failed to delivered lower costs to users in a country with the most profitable phone users, according to the phone companies own data.

For example if Meteor needed a new mast in Dublin 13, they could dispense with the need to site a controversial new mast. If through national roaming their customers could roam on an O2 or Vodafone mast.

Roaming has been common for international travelers & holiday makers, but real community value could be gained if national roaming were allowed.

There are more than 1500 sites in Ireland between 3 companies. The number of new sites needed grows with the number of people (81%) using the services. Roaming would massively reduced the need for more unwanted sites
spoiling our landscape.

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