Chloro or Cryptosporidium

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repeatedly the leader of Fine Gael said in yesterdays Leaders Questions in the Irish Parliament

“Chlorosporidium” when others call it Cryptosporidium
wikipedia Trivia says “Cryptosporidium infected the drinking water of Galway, Ireland in March 2007, causing many illnesses.” :::: I remember a Cryptosporidium outbreak in Scotland in 2000, may have caused a few deaths to old folk.

Chlorosporidium is a one word google whack with one result. (real google whacks needs two words in googles dictionary)

Cryptosporidium has 1.2M results in google.

more strange, while I heard Deputy Kenny say Chloro the dail record has him written up as crypto (repeatedly corrected), can I be hearing things or is the written word a lie as Johnny Lydon sang in my disclaimer.

“This morning, I met the directors of a number of aid agencies to discuss the question of clean drinking water in developing countries. On the morning the Government will launch its environmental programme, it is ironic that I raise the question of clean drinking water in one of the richest countries in the developed world.

According to the health services, the people of Galway face a health epidemic because of the contamination of their water supply. The Health Service Executive is now informing people – particularly the elderly, very young and vulnerable – that they could die from the contamination of water with cryptosporidium.

In response, the Minister for the Environment and Local Government has given a juvenile and irresponsible performance and he has hived off blame to everyone except himself. As has been pointed out on numerous occasions, there has been a €600 million underspend across the broader region. This means that places like Oughterard, Headford, Clonbur and Claregalway have completely insufficient sewerage systems.”