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unknown to me many times over 38 years i have done things, joined things, invented things, bought the t-shirt that my twin has. We are not identical but we look a like. he doesn’t blog (well not much). I obviously don’t read his blog too often either, (oops) as on April 3 I blogged this

while on Feb 12 he blogged this

you may suspect a connection; but it just twins, unless he saw mine and back dated coz i swear i did not see his first, not a chance. what is even stranger is the listing detail given to each pic. notice the clare daly advert clone that is not accidental. and ye my XDA 1.3MP is shite. tonight I took the following photo of a car from the future, the future cycle of my XDA chip as its so bleedin slow it makes up its own photos now.

Categorized as fake news