things im working on (2007)

1. netvibes – AS A PODCATCHER – DONE! – RTÉ feeds no longer chipmonked.
2. server migration – 0.5% to go !))% DONE
3. WordPress Multi-user 1.0 – (after I do Helix 11.1) Helix DONE!
4. podcasts from a white van (did you see the van outside your house?) Status unknown
5. anglo irish podcast (by way of a review) DONE – just born at
6. wxtc show #19 with avant-garde musician Stano phantomfm podcastConUK -DONE
7. working on a work free xmas……. (jesus… happy birthday. jayzus, its the eve at 20:04 CTRL ALT DEL)

2007 in the works
election Dublin North & West (done!)

podcast factory

Che News – TV

FM Radio (a return)

linux PVR media centre. (cp *.dónal)

twitter content for the masses. june’07