Has Leo’s SCU seen a reduction in Govt. Press Releases?

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Merrion Street publish all press releases for all government department on their website MerrionStreet.ie.

Peak press release for Ireland dot gov was in 2015 with 2340 releases or 6.4 per day. The slide from this high began in 2016 and continued into Leo’s first year 2017 with a per day average falling to 5.0. 2018 is running at 5.4 per day before the summer break. There is either a drift away from press release or SCU was a distraction. If the 2018 figure recovers as it appears to be doing (now that the SCU is disbanded) then the question needs to be asked, where did the releases go if they were not handled by Merrion Street.

Year Number of Press Releases
2011 1310
2012 1670
2013 1790
2014 2000
2015 2340
2016 1947
2017 1831
2018 690 (to May 7th)


Categorized as politics