Hi Facebook

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Hi Facebook

I took a (non exclusive) break from facebook Jan 1 to 11. the up shot was 29 blog posts I own on my blog in 20 days. 🙂
http://briangreene.com (here)

I also started another radio show on a new station. I understand how social media sucks you in. Its feedback loop. The validation. But I am me. If I get less reads or comments or likes by publishing under my own site, I can live with that.

I’m not leaving social media, but I am returning more to platforms that were core to me from 2003 to 2011.

I also now read better stuff on Medium.com and may write there too. I am posting more on soundcloud, audioboom, and qued,tv.

Refocusing away from facebook has done little to curb my enthusiasm for writing, thinking, sharing or making, but it has allowed be to make stuff for me not the validation cycle. Some of it is shared back on facebook but most of it not.

hat tip to Colman Noctor Study​ who will find this of interest.

Regards BHG