why I hate Outlook

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I have always hated outlook. but from time to time I am forced to use it to test, counter-test, and due to policy at workplaces I have been. Why do I hate it so much?

I have an in built dislike to it. Some of the reasons I hate it from way back when I have forgotten, but I hadn’t forgotten I hate it.

I grew up on Eudora & Pegasus Mail, they served me well until Gmail happened. Outlook or as I call it “LookOut” has always been nearby for testing scenarios for clients who present problems with mail which are usually less to do with me and more to do with their reliance on Outlook and their inability to use it correctly.

So now I am using it again and I hate. Here are an unexhaustive set of reasons.

1. the separation of email addresses with semi colon not comma
2. its threading sucks
3. its reply feature fails, if I make a second reply to a thread I end up replying to myself not the first sender.
4. its search is crap.
5. you have to search sent & inbox separately
6. its compose is too rich for my liking
7/ it is feature bloated to the point you can find nothing

Still I must use it and hate it. Outlook Web App is an improvement on Outlook v14 (Client) but I wish I didn’t need either.

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