tuning out social blogging noise

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[without apology for the radio spectrum analogies]

social blogging noise is like listening to FM radio with all channels on the one frequency and you are tuned to that station all day and most of the night. you can hear everyone mention Miley Cyrus & you can hear ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke is high A list rotation, you can hear 40 mentions of Syria at the same time at the top of the hour and every minute of the hour, its called ‘News140’.

But wasn’t social bloging supposed to be more akin to Shortwave Radio with 10kHz channel separation with frequency reuse based on night time propagation and frequency planning / sharing. With strong cultural relevance entering your brain from far off places you will generally only visit with your finger on a wall map of the globe.

twitter / instagram / tumblr / facebook et al are over subscribed, over hyped and leave me with that after glow of a top 40 waffle. When you know you need a good feast of international documentary content from a filtered source you may not even trust.

my social blogging consumption habits need a diet, “less is more” theme again. micro blogging is far from boring but it leaves you hungry for the next meal, or even a DX-pedition.

In the way that jamming, scourging, drifting and transmitter co-channel interference are bad for radio listening, so to is a cacophony of social blather bad for being social. Tuned, trusted and technically perfect is what I was to hear. One meme at a time.

FILTER SWITCH ON – I will still hear you if I want to hear you. Not because your distortion to noise ratio was equal & high.

QSX Internet but not all the Internet at the same time.