Nothing radical on RTE Radio 1

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moving the deckchairs around on RTE Radio 1. This schedule says that emerging talent is not breaking through on the big Radio 1. Not considering Claire Byrne ’emerging’ as she came in from Newstalk / TV3 Claire is now a core presenter of morning Ireland + a Saturday job! and while it is not mentioned in the article isn’t she also core Primetime, time will be something Claire wont have much of. Sean O’Rourke of #Twip fame is too acidic with less charm offensive than Pat Kenny, I wish him well in the head to head. Alternating news at one presenters will weaken the brand for that news show. When is John Murray returning? answer: in the coming months.

What didn’t happen. Ryan Tubridy the HIGHEST PAID STAR on RTE stays on 2FM with 4% of the Dublin radio audience. How long more before the BBC snap him for the 40 winks (weeks) he works on 2FM. If 2FM was a political party if would be Fianna Fail, no TDs in Dublin. FF had 10-12% in Dublin in 2011 GE.

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