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under a new working title ‘Diaspora TV’ RTÉ International got a welcome from yesterday. The petition for RTÉ to follow its own guidelines and go FTA is gathering pace with 295 signatures (probably due to the exposure RTE2FTA is getting via the diaspora tv press release & the RTÉ MW closure). This has me thinking, what RTÉ needs a viewers & listeners association, one that cares for the upkeep of public service broadcasting, the licence fee, high standards, availability and access, platforms, technology & national cross border and international dimensions. One that will stand up and be counted.  So if there is a very large array of people interested in a VLA (not the Mary Whitehouse type) drop me a line – i will pop a note to the 295 also and develop this idea over on the RTE2FTA blog. we may have a year more before RTE Int. is up on Freesat.

Just thinking the 295 signatures outweighs the number of people that have complained to RTE in the past about breakdowns and temp closures of parts of their network. – posted from the new WP2.5rc1 which is acting up with spell chucker!

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