two heads better than one

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First I tried Bermingham’s on burgh quay, they do cameras and such shops usually do digital voice records / DV cameras that need mics so I dropped in, No, that was it, blunt, no further help, one “No”. To be fair to Bermingham’s they have better sales staff than this & I have been using them off & on for 23 years.

Next the pokey Peats on Dame Street, handy for a fly by regular purchase. Nope here, no mic stands. They have my favourite mini disc mic Sony ECMMS907. for €140, I got mine in 1998 for 99 pound (126 euro) the price of this item is holding high and not falling (as it should) with supply or age. The amazon price convert from dollar to euro on this item is €45 save €95 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Peats did have stock availability in their other stores for the 907 (it was only the 907 stand I really wanted). But amazingly Peats had stock availability in the till display for Sony shops in Ireland! Peats said try Sony Stephens Green, are they on commission to do that?

I headed to Phillips Georges Street no stands but a 240/110 adapter for €2 less than Peats. Up georges street to independent electrical retailer, they had 907’s for €135 but no stands. They sent me to Music Maker exchequer street, (or was it Phillips that sent me there?)

Music Maker dug around and found me a Peavey mic stand [similar] €10 and two heads for the stand €5 each. Bargain. Its a stand for a kick drum I’m told, ideal. one of the heads [Hercules] is a clamp type and very useful on its own for a table stand to hold a DVR like the Sony MX20.

Solution! so I headed to Sony on the Green and trialled the MX20 from the display cabinet with my new stands and walked out with out buying anything. Happy shopping. But I must learn to not leave kit behind.