the more i hear the more i believe

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For the saturday clean up I chose an internet radio station over satellite, this is odd and noteworthy. I did this for a few reasons

1. availability: with a PC in the room (this is new) i was able to turn it on. The PC is wifi’ed to the BB.

2. I had affinity with a station & it popped into my head before the satellite stations did. It has taken months for this affinity to build. net radio has an affinity build problem built in. net radio affinity problem is: if its on a device we don’t think is radio (hardware) we don’t think it has radio (content) & turn to / tune to less. Awareness build is needed here, but will we hear on air radio promote online streams for when I get online my choice rises from 200 stations to 10,000. Not any day soon, someone else may need to point this out. On air radio has edge is specturm exclusivity no matter how bad they are people listen, remember there are many more homes with WIFI than DAB in Ireland. wifi is in more Irish & UK homes that DAB. DAB not standard in cars. ILRs should deal with telcos for data carriage on cells and revenue share (bhg 07:30 AM April 25, 2008)
3. Favourites: my radio player (we built our own for the PC/PSP) has favourites & login & cookies & tracks my recent plays & twitters my iLike’s & records them, and examines my iLikes against others that are like mine giving a weLike. Having preset buttons made car radio listening easier, poor old radio stations saw listeners being easier able to hop, but don’t fence me in. Internet radio must not make the mistake of w@p and mobile content, walled gardens walls have two sides, the inside may be ivy clad but the outside is wild with banksy murals of taste decency indecency and CHOICE painted on the outside looking out on the world (net radio is unregulated not deregultated).

4. Satellite radio just didn’t seem cool enough to tune into this morning.

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