[Rpt] Teflon® 10 year guarantee

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bizarre day (June 14th 2007); i walked contra flow to the traffic of TDs heading to the Mass on westland row for the blessing of the 30th Dail 🙂 Major govt. limo pile up outside the church with Special Branch escort to get to holy communion in time, before confession. Bless me father for i have sinned (big time) its been 5 years since me last confession (not before a tribunal!) I stole and then I lied just because you asked me to but now you know the truth about me you won’t see me anymore well, I’m still fond of you Gaud.

Just as the journos were finished writing that this new govt. hadn’t a prayer, there they were kneeling down to God. In the name of the Indo and of the Sun and of the daily mail amen…..

I was Gonna stop the Garda and asked who died?. I thought it was a FG’er as most faces i was seeing were FG, like Brian Hayes in the coffee shop near the church and other FG faces. Then I saw Trevor Sargent and (was it his mother?) walking down to the top of Clare Street. Loads of RTE umbrellas have been stolen by TDs over the years, or were they benefit in kind!

It was pissing rain all day. every face on the packed DART home was down and gloomy, is it just the weather or are people realizing that the public gets what the public wants and like Paris Hilton they are NOT happy even if the SSIA is being spent as we speak. Cheer up Ireland – it could be worse – we could be France or the UK or Italy! when perpetual mismanagement of our economy extends out beyond the 10-year guarantee of Teflon, then Bertie is bollixed! and so is Ireland.

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