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PUBLIC MEETING MAY 27th 8pm mid sutton community centre

Back in 2003/4 the Socialist Party along with the residents of Sutton Park / Parkvale & Meadowbrook successfully reversed the Council’s attempts to rezone the lands known as Brickfields at the southern end of Seagrange Park for residential development.

However as we warned in our Newsletter earlier this year the developer is continuing to try and get development on this site currently designated as open space. This time under the guise of the government’s Affordable Housing Initiative.

Twice last year local councillors were briefed on proposals that included a development of over 165 apartments in 3 to 6 storey blocks, accessing through Parkvale and Meadowbrook. Yet at no stage did they bring this information to residents in the area!

In January they raised a few concerns about the development and asked that it would be revised. However as we warned, the revised plans were hardly different at all, with precious little changes made other than proposals that would supposedly deal with the flooding problem. The height and access and number of units remained unchanged. AND YET the councillors have asked the Affordable Housing Initiative to pursue the issue further.

This has gone on long enough. It is time that residents let the local councillors know that we will not stand for development on this open space. The Socialist Party locally & our councillors on Fingal County Council believe that the open space should be enhanced to allow full recreational use of the amenity.

To this end we have set up a public meeting for Tuesday May 27th 8pm in the community center in Bayside. Community Action can protect our open spaces. Please come along on the night and find out what’s going on before it’s too late.

Brian Greene – Socialist Party Representative Dublin North East.

BREAKING NEWS: Plans to redevelop Bayside Shopping Centre which was given planning permission by Fingal County Council has been overturned on appeal with An Bord Pleanala. Perhaps now would be a good time to insist that the presentation of the existing shopping area and the surface of the car park be properly maintained and not be left if a run down state. The old trick of letting developments run down to ware down the community will not work. Enforcement of such is a matter for Fingal County Council.