Where’s simon maher’s radio station?

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Pauline asked me the other morning

“Where’s simon maher’s radio station?” don’t tell the share holders but in our house that means Phantom 105.2. Why do you ask I said (still half asleep) she says ‘the 2 idiots that took over from Marty on 2FM are doing her head in’. This interests me, Pauline always knows before the JNLR when a show ain’t working. She has a clock radio that used to be on 1278Khz until one day she didn’t wake up to the radio alarm. That day the dial no band was switched to 2FM so no longer radio 2, that Pauline had listened to since 1979.

Like a scene out of ‘life on mars’, Pauline’s clock radio has time warped Marty Whelan with Fr. Brian D’arcy, Declan Meehan, Ian Dempsey & Zig & Zag AOR, the two Damian’s, Tubridy and even Rick & Ruth, Pauline even woke up to Simon Young on Saturdays (always wondered why she left for work so early on Saturday) right up to ‘back to the future’ Marty 2006.

Pauline knew before the experts that Rick / Ruth show was tanking. She knew when tubridys show was too far up its own ferrite rod antenna for its own good. But she liked Marty and has a a major dislike for this Colm and Jim-Jim Breakfast Show. So much so, Pauline has promised to come on here and tell us why this programme that finishes its first week of shows in a few hours time is so bad.

Pauline wants simon maher’s radio from a shed where they play music (and lots of it). Colm & Jim Jim are playing 3 songs between 8:00 and 8:35 [fact]. They sing over the songs they play, they say shit & bollix, and i’ll stop stealing all Pauline’s ideas now.

I wouldn’t be worried that “I” find it shite, I’m asleep with Radio 5 Live in my ears…. and my demographic is boring ireland (if I were awake) If Pauline’s radio radar says its crap, you can bet housewife’s up & down ireland, the school runners the breakfast room & bedroom AM radio KNOB controllers will migrate to music radio away from zoo crew mad cap crap. What was wrong with personality radio with Marty & crew? and if housewife’s don’t listen, then Gerry Ryan doesn’t have a hand over audience.

I recently played a gig in UCD for a senior TV producer in RTE. He apologised to me before it started that John Clarke would not be there, and therefore (i think) would not hear me! this presupposed that I would want that and whatever that meant. I am not looking for a break in radio.. honest. But I kinda wish he was there, as I would have asked him if we were talking, like, how come the only talent you hire in to the Breakfast 2FM slot all left 2FM 10 -15 years ago.

My top tip and I steal it from abroad for the dying radio brigade is.


7. The market for programming talent outside of radio will spark. Suddenly companies not in radio will be competing with radio for the ears of an audience – and those companies will need talent behind and in front of the mic. Stringing together songs is easy. Knowing what to put between them is a skill. [mark ramsey]

Clock radio’s do not wake up to podcasts… but wifi radios do! the broadband land means kerbango radio will have a second coming.

Yawn Yawn… happy radio…. its over…

from [furdlog] In the 1960s, when the F.C.C. opened the FM dial, AM stations rushed to acquire licenses — but then simulcast the same shows they were already playing. This was not what regulators had in mind, so they ruled that FM stations had to play original content on at least half of their programming hours. Because radio companies didn’t want to invest much in FM, they ceded control of their studios to young people and amateur broadcasters. The result was the advent of free-form music radio, with programs so fresh and compelling that listeners flocked to FM and stayed there — at least until corporate broadcasters standardized it, too

Chris Evans, please come back on another fishing holiday..

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