Twitter Updates for 2007-08-29

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  • car repair €935 – time to scrap car and get a camper van – sell house pay back visa drive to southern Italy get Wimax – back in bizness #
  • In 1999 =okia deal big deal with real networks nothing major came of it. Nokia became too common a phone. Yes as muck. #
  • My uncle worked for Nokia in finglas in the 1970’s they made toilet rolls & jays fluid #
  • the night before day1 of school year is big bath night. a summers worth of care free dirt is washed down da plug hole. next daddy long legs! #
  • why cover school books? its a further insult to & from cheapo wallpaper #
  • @damienmulley will IBA have a micro blogging award? #
  • submitted an article for the next PUM. im shocked they never asked me before now! only joking #
  • my old school reunion is sept 8th. PSN not greendale. class of ’87 spiorad #
  • car repair they wanted 969 I held it to 884 yesterdays quote. got 870 in the end. #
  • when the workers cant buy back the produce we get recession #
  • @topgold didn’t we see all this before in 1999 with the moto acompli etc. what happended since; steve jobs caught the telcos sleeping #
  • @topgold wifi ipod 05/09/07 ?2.5 & 3G will be wilderness useful only #
  • will phones become PDAs will MP3PLAYERs ends up everything is software radio with touch screen. 3rd party OS as fashion accessories #
  • @eam0 FF ubuntu faster than XP agreed! #
  • told 4yr old david cameron was maggie thatcher’s son, shes the bad woman in billy elliot film, bbc2 newsnight now #
  • echo twitter: Finding out who from my Gmail contacts is already on twitter! #

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