Twitter Updates for 2007-08-25

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  • listening to BBC WS radio on 1west, Zell Kravinsky interview. news of Manuel Noriega, he’s off to France for a 10 year term in jail. 🙂 #
  • @conoro no i can not confirm Castro’s death, wishful blogging; read the Cuban 5 story. #
  • mobile off for an hour to get a decent charge.. wifi is draining my XDA lithium #
  • why aren’t ovens/microwaves/clock radios/television/VCR/DVRs/mobiles not all set my radio controlled time signals ? #
  • trying my 114 subscripts i have in netvibes over in google reader. #
  • new blog post _ old idea _ The bourgeoisisation of RTE _ #
  • oh I turned off my mobile hours ago and forgot to turn it on again,,,, 100+ @cc_chapman txts about to ding ding in Baldoyle #
  • from 1994-2004 89% Irish people listened to the radio daily – 2005 & 2006 that fell to 85% holding 85% in 06-07 JNLR -4% but not a collapse #
  • how can goldenspiders call them self the internet & digital media awards? or is DMA gone like its web site? trying my contacts in spotlight #
  • golden spiders 2007 judges #
  • can ya not direct message yourself on twitter? #
  • facebook free FLV host; feature or bug? the FLVs are leaking off facebook secure login pages. free FLV video hosting! stays in facebook ???? #
  • @topgold no but I cant seen to direct msg from any acount back to me or my phone. is direct down? can u send me one? #
  • gmail has 2893MB storage 4 free;if I buy 6GB do I have 8893MB or 6GB? I pay $20 and loose $10 worth of storage as soon as I buy. incentive? #
  • should that have read 9037MB not 8893MB?; 1024MB in a GB. or shall I have the gigabyte vs gibibyte debate ??? 4 storage GB = 1000MB ?? ok #
  • @ellybabes @topgold thanks. got tests. still didnt get my other accounts inbound direct msgs never mind #
  • in 10 years time will kidz switch out lights without been asked? peak oil, & all that; rephrase will my kidz ? #

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