Twitter Updates for 2007-07-12

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  • “Please Note: The National Concert Hall do not charge booking fees.” 🙂 kudos to NCH #
  • rang in electricity reading to ESB, 11 estimates over 22 months I owe EURO12,000 plus bhg falls off the chair, that was ESB networks #
  • rang ESB supply and they calmed me down, about EURO 1,200 is owed… lesson 1 dont #
  • @conoro cider cheap? at oxegen is anything cheap? #
  • for my 777th twitter message I want to promote now off to invent a Wireless Lecky Meter to Online payment Gateway #
  • @redmum cheers, they way to make someone not feel bad about an unexpected 1200 euro bill is first tell them its 12,000 🙂 scream #
  • wanted: supply of replacement tricolors after last nights annual purge of stock. [bhg asks himself in his next podcast do i love my country] #
  • broadcast accident report: BBC1 broadcast BBC2 golf over neighbors, not a local problem according to the apology, mrs. greene was livid #
  • isn’t time neighbours was teleported to BBC3! #
  • @deekdeekster I can smell it. I mean hear it… not in SL 🙂 big shout out for da Dublin posse. #

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