Twitter Updates for 2007-07-06

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  • our mains water is out in the Baldoyle area Dublin 13 #
  • @wally1 Leeds v #
  • @wally1 Leeds v Shels dublin saturday if Leeds are still a legal entity #
  • i need more sleep 14 hrs near second life for an SL virgin is very tiring #
  • dropping w800 & going back too xda mini 3 months later… w800 with correct firmware does not crash! xda does alot #
  • the txts down stairs are tweets i’ll get up at 10.30 zZzZz #
  • ‘pictures of starving children sells records’; becomes “Face on Telly equals Downloads” ; save the planet “make capitalism history” #
  • You cant go on, thinkin’, Nothings’ wrong, but bye,
    Who’s gonna drive you home, tonight.?
    [Baghdad Oil Company moto] #
  • Goldie the guinea pig died at 19:40 this evening. The cat has been cleared of all charges and a mop bucket is in the frame. Goldie RIP #
  • my 10 year old Dr Who fan requests an always on top feature for a browser popup, just happens she has it in FF ubuntu and I dont in FF winXP #
  • Jaiku converted my PNG profile picture to JPG; end result not so nice JPG; bhg says “PNG, we’ve come along way since GIF87” 2steps fwd 1 bk #
  • is google that evil? feedhunter group gone back to yahoogroups as feedhunters #
  • listening to angi bee Chillcast IndepeDance Day DJ Mix while watching France24-Arabic on 12.5W #

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