Twitter Updates for 2007-06-11

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  • a draft undraft in WP fools twitter tools plugin! #
  • at Irish Microsoft Technology Conference last thursday;Girl from Irish Dev surveys me.Whats yer job title?mm mm m mmm are they still in use? #
  • google wars “McJob” = 196,000 “yellow pack worker” = 2; but which is better paid? #
  • reading the Dublin Slang Dictionary and Phrase-book #
  • wow twitter inside netvibes! good morning ireland #
  • lots of mail problems with clients this morning so far none my fault but causing me pain none the less #
  • crawling through my gmail, doing dreaded time sheets for april b4 my May holiday #
  • I’m hearing noise on 416Khz 516Khz 616Khz 716Khz AM on the east coast of Ireland. could be down in wicklow too!. #

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