Twitter Updates for 2007-06-08

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  • @conoro traffic free cork; 80’s flashback or opening scene of vanilla sky? #
  • false spam alert on our sever by hotmail! 🙁 do we have to stop aliases now? [joke goes] this kangaroo walks into a court [joke ends] #
  • I scanned 28East this morning 1000 channels, nothing on, 753TV 247Radio (351/247 FTA) not including Czech stations #
  • youtube is down #
  • twitter relay @politics_ie says exclusive: deal has been agreed between Fianna Fail and Greens. More soon. #
  • nonMenopausal Paris Hilton sent back to jail screaming. #
  • DisaGreenMent of the people; FF fail to deal with green party to form next irish govt. #
  • song for WiTricity: Tesla Girls Tesla Girls Testing out theories Electric Chairs &dynamos Dressed to kill They’re killing me But Heaven know #
  • talking about the ’77 with 10 year old. sure thats years way from now dad. I meant 1977 not 2077 “fame i’m gonna live forever” syndrome #
  • @politics_ie you called it wrong this evening, but your may 25th service was ace! untill 10pm when you went to newstalk. #
  • looks like my feed is working again, podpress wordpress & Feedburner Feed Replacement plugin all whacked, all fixed now PP now 8.1 WP 2.2 #

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