The Banks have nothing to lose but their chains

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dónal writes over on workers play time

Why do banks still chain down the pens to the table, the banks make billions of euros by taking in our wages and charging us to take the money back out of a hole in the wall. Could they not just give us free pens like in Argos or the Bookies,

not for the first time dónal is a few weeks ahead of me on a blog topic. I saw such chains in the EBS and thought the same. Never got round to posting it. Sometimes I think I read his blog as I sleep surf. But he writes so infrequent this is not possible.


The Banks have nothing to lose but their chains” and our money at the casino stock exchange

I heard David McWilliams steal Joe Higgins clothes and lines on Morning Ireland this morning MP3 [time code 37:45 – 39-04] “a financial coup .. (by) a cabal of property owners in cahoots with the government. ” I was there the night Joe Higgins debated McWilliams but I didn’t think we had such an effect on the guy. BTW  750+ downloads of the debate on MP3. my god who needs RSS, when an audio blog will do. 750 wow thats more than twice the 350 that stuffed into the packed Teachers Club in Oct 2006.