Ryanair piss me off as do Fianna Fail

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The latest Ryanair advert annoys the unionist camp. [link 1] [link2] [link3]. yesterday over our radios we heard Aer Lingus shareholder Ryanair [RYAAY] boss Michael O’Leary tell that his company would back a Govt. call that would see Aer Lingus keep the LHR /SNN Shannon link.

You see if the Irish government didn’t sell Are Lingus to the sharks, Denis O’Brien & Michael O’Leary would not have got shares in it. (by the way check how much the irish tax payer got in the sale, the monies went back into privatised aer lingus) so now he has shares he can call up the govt. (another minority share holder) and advise them on Shannon takeover. Aer Lingus would not be in the shannon belfast move if they didn’t sell it. Another fine mess. read ireland for sale march 2006 by bhg. Even if you agreed with privatisation, you would have to admit the Fianna Fail party are pretty woeful at it.

There are some things money can’t buy –
for everything else there’s Fianna Fail

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