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dónal (Workers Playtime) writes

So over all the robi [radio for the iPod] gets 7 out of 10, and DAB gets 2 out of 10. James Connolly (first clandestine radio operator [in Ireland]) said to the citizen army “hold on to your rifles? I think in this case he’d be advising us to hold on to our FM radios. DAB is definitely not for use in the port tunnel, it just sounds a bit like the port tunnel.

MY REPLY: good review, I had a similar experience.
London gave me 51 stations. Dublin 21. The quality of MP2 as you point out is DABs maximum. Don’t believe the hype. Pushing DAB is more about extra breakout services and jobs for the boys than a quality thing.

DAB born out of eureka147 is 18 year old tech. when RTE say “RTÉ is at the starting block of a new revolution in radio? they mean they turned up to see the lap of honor of the 1989 Dublin City Marathon. There is no starting blocks and the starters gun should be pointed at the person who chose DAB in a digital virgin landscape like the Irish Republic.

I think a survey of DAB radio owners is required to see if this trail is reaching its own expectations.

Can anyone tell me if the DTT radio suite is the same as the DAB? or is this duplicated spectrum. they seem to be different. DAB above 200MHz and DTT up above 700MHz. so 13/14 of the DTT radios are on DAB plus East Coast Radio (badly tuned). Who plans this stuff??? the planning department?

DAB is going to require more masts than FM to get inside the 4 walls. This is crazy. add wimax to 3G & 4G. I’m going to invest in lampposts.


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