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Tom Raftery asks where to find good political blogs. he doesn’t say irish political blogs but as we have an election coming up and we’re in Ireland, I scratch my head; there is Joe O’Toole senator & podcaster.. but to have a political blog thats not about the footpaths etc. some of the establishment party’s would be found wanting in the blogosphere. wanting an ideology transplant to look different to the others. Many a budding Cllr. will blog and climb the greasy poll to hang posters amounting to 15MB of fame, but is it blogging? or wanting to me in a medium that just about anyone who can hold a mouse can also use? like needing a web site for the 1997 election? or the 1999 locals? in fact i would think that a website is of more use to most candidates versus a blog, as its a bit late to gain on the power of blog to SEO to rankings. buy a nice domain, like dublinnortheast.com and start printing.

in order to have enough things to bring to blogging, the politicians should consider bringing them self, the hard working hack who has not got their hand in the till while everyone thinks they are all at it, a bit of the personal touch would be nice. to this end one example of this would be ex TD of WP & DL now Labour Cllr. Eric Byrne.

But if its ideas you have, and stories and campaigns and ideology you have to shift, then nothing beats the printed word. One such party that still produces its own newspaper in Ireland is the Socialist Party. the militant / the voice / and now called ‘the socialist’. If these guys start blogging (not including me) then i’ll take notice. [paper on sale on this page €2]

“Bureaucracy and social harmony are inversely proportional to each other.” Leon Trotsky