polish soccer TV in ireland

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the red card reports

Many aspects of Ireland are adapting to our new residents and this is reflected in the increased outlets of foreign language media in Ireland. Setanta Sports are showing Poland’s European Qualifiers in the remainder of the campaign.

many poles wont have setanta but will have FTA digital satellite dishes pointing home where digital TV is free to air and available in ireland but from poland. the whiter rounder and more upright polish satellite dish will be pointing further east to 13 degrees east of south, you’ll see them (self installed) often with a dual LNB head. For polish with out NTL or setanta subscription, international soccer is available via a look up of http://url.ie/335 and a keen knowledge of the following channels and sport output (which i do not have) or ask a russian man with a ladder to fix NTL signal for €10

4 Fun TV Hot Bird 4
Edusat Hot Bird 1
ITV Hot Bird 1
Mango 24 Hot Bird 1
Podróze TV Hot Bird 6
Polonia 1 Hot Bird 1 & 6
Polsat Zdrowie i urodaHot Bird 6
Tele 5 Hot Bird 1
TV Biznes Hot Bird 4
TV Puls Hot Bird 6
TVN Hot Bird 1 [Pal]
TVN Gra Hot Bird 1
Viva Polska Hot Bird 6
TVP 3 Regionalna Astra 2C
TV Polonia Astra 2C Hot Bird 1 Eutelsat W3A
TVP Kultura Astra 2C Hot Bird 1 Eutelsat W3A

Hot Bird 13° East
Astra 2C 19° East
Eutelsat W3A 7° East