more kids TV a good thing? 51% > 1.5 hours a day

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ENN reports on a UPC survey that shows Irish kids watch the most TV in Europe.

“The survey has highlighted a number of interesting insights into TV viewing in Ireland. It’s clear that TV viewing in Ireland remains essentially with parents taking an active role in deciding what kids watch and the importance of family watching television together, much more than the European average,” Simon Kelehan, head of TV of UPC Ireland. “Irish parents in particular recognise the improved range and choice of content for children, which is a result of the increased availability of digital TV in Ireland.”

Only UPC could put a spin on the usually bad news story that kids are glued to the goggle box. Most of the kids TV is imported and rotated in extremely high amounts. We naturally are indoors more than our southern EU neighbours, we are North Western Island colder & wetter. But Kids TV is such an issue that advertising at children is banned. A ban that is overcome by origin of broadcast, with Disney’s Nick Jr etc not transmitting in Ireland.

Kids watching more and more TV is not good. Mixed programming with adults in the room, mixed with reading, radio, music, exercise and healthy eating. UPC (I ask you) what about schools TV? C4 has moved theirs online. What about Community TV? there are more than one group banging on UPCs door to get access to the e x p a d e d digital service that was funded by analogue subscribers. UPC lost subscribers last year, the fact that kids in Ireland are watching more is not a good thing.

[apols: rant written in a rush]