least viewed U2 video on youtube?

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378 views in 6 weeks off France24 youtube site. most of the videos have less than 200 views.

hear U2 sing ‘where the streets have no name’ & ‘Vertigo’ the video was shot at the cannes film festival, bono larry adam & the edge are professionally shot from a high vantage point and the video is professionally edited if still a bit edgy.

If I were U2 and France 24 I would be worried as to why ONLY 50 people a week or 7 a day are watching this video. The youtube tags on the France 24 youtube site will have a lot to do with it, but it still only has 5 external links that brought in 9 views, and 5 of the 9 would be the bloggers / SN’ers themself. like me!

Link to U2 music video