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nice one a 34% price hike remains over mild winter, and the price falls back to an increase of 24% in february! ESB kicked in a hike last week after the xmas lights were switched off. Gas in Ireland went up 30 something percent on Oct 1st 2005 as well.
[data cached from no longer at, from 04/12/2006] The Energy Regulator (COMRREG) has succeeded in putting pressure on the two supplier key domestic energy suppliers – Bord Gais and the ESB. Gas prices increased by 34% on October 1st and will now fall by 10% from February 2007. The effects of this will be outweighed by a hefty 12.6% increase in the price of electricity from January 1st, but this is considerably better than the 20% price increase that was originally planned. The significant drop in global energy prices has forced both suppliers to re-think their pricing strategies.

— btw COMMREG should read CER (i think)

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