invite radio

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while skype chating with last night I decided to demo a real media server install stream to him, i fired up producer and played some tunes. Michele could hear, and a 10 second delay broadcast and 2 way skype chat began (about 00:20am) then I skype invited inga in boston into the chat and pointed to the audio feed by 3am there were 7 of us in chat around the fireplace and all streamed into the tunes, there we lads from ireland USA poland and more Irish in the room for what I called “Invite Radio” or a glorified conference call.

transmission ended at 3:15am and we all said our goodbyes. the programming was nothing special the music wasn’t either, it was the social shift that happened, polish vodka been drunk, crack was 90. I would love to hear the comments of others involved..

i think we started something, global house parties. we used to duplex this stuff on CB radio in the early 80’s, now we can do it in stereo, record it and podcast it beyond the base live audience… ‘invite your friends around for a music jam’.

I hear this kinda stuff is going on in Second Life, i think an enterprising Skype / Real networks / Shoutcast / AIM / MSN could knock up a tool for the 1:49 people that will pick up the microphone and DJ a broadband party. INVITE RADIO a go go