in praise of Microsoft

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conn at wrote

After a heroic editing marathon, Brian has just published the entire suite of podcasts from Thursday’s conference. If you weren’t there (or if you spent the day networking in the corridors), you can now take in the presentations and discussions at your leisure. Well done Brian – and well done Microsoft Ireland for recognising the sponsorship value of these podcasts. They’ll continue to resonate on the internet for months to come.

IIA newsletter wrote

If you missed the event do not fret as all of the speaker presentations are available as podcasts – simply go to the relevant post on the IIA Blog and listen! Thanks to Brian Greene for his work on this and Microsoft for kindly sponsoring the podcast.

now i’m blushing/ thanks to Microsoft who realise that long after the 300 people have left the Killiney Castle Hotel their sponsorship is working on demand along side the content! who said “no one got sacked for choosing Microsoft” perhaps they are just clever.