how to make FF lose the election [PART 1]

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get everyone in the country to spend a waiting period [7-9 hours] in A&E before may 11/18. i did it last night, a quite monday night, 7pm – 2am. Great staff, broken health service, needs fixing saving, my car was parked in the private car park on the grounds of a public hospital, the multi storey will be converted to a private clinic where consultants will be allowed to break the rules Harney insists on bringing in that doctors can’t moonlight unless its in one of her co-lo pub-pri-rip-off’s.passing the time away in A&E while reading colm kenny “fearing sellafield” i read that (well he quoted ‘nuclear ireland’ which i have not read for years) that Ray Burke supported the building of a nuclear power station at carnsore point. He who gifted tax free mining to Shell.

if after 7 hours in A&E, you still want to vote FF, then you should be re admitted.

this governments got to go