Green’s on Shannon

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page 32 of the Green Party 2007 manifesto

* end the use of Shannon Airport by US military forces involved in the war in Iraq;
* insist that any aircraft suspected of involvement in illegal movements of prisoners must be searched.

the bolded item as bolded in the manifesto seems to be the one that got away, the extraordinary renditions piece was of lesser importance to the substantive use of an Irish Airport. While the GP will argue its not possible to get everything they want they are supporting my position that all coalitions are wrong post election, if they want to Green up FF they should pact with them, if they want to exercise their mandate as a small party, then give us effective opposition, there is terminal decline in quality opposition in Dail Eireann, it is a void the Green Party should fill not flee.

I have marched on anti war organised marches to Shannon on more than one occasion, the GP have been there too, how they can do this now is beyond belief. But expected if they are going to deal with FF post election.

[correction to an overnight tweet, the GP need support of 66% not 76% tonight, will they get it? i have no idea, but I do not think the grass root greens are as craven for power as the leadership are; read this sites disclaimer, i could be wrong i could be right]