Fine Gael on transport

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a local election candidate from Fine Gael in Dublin North East (Brody Sweeney) is suggesting that people use public transport to reduce global warming. it is fine gael policy to have more PRIVATE buses on bus routes.

Also on Mr. Sweeneys website he is calling for the removal of a bus lane on the N32 as the PRIVATE licence holder for the route refuses to run a service there to the airport.

So ask for more use of public transport, support (by stealth ) the privatisation of bus services and call for the removal of bus lanes and not do anything about a private bus licence holder squatting a route they refuse to run.

put that in your contract FG. joined up thinking it is not. read what SIPTU think of FG policy.

for the record i neither support the empty bus lane, i do not support removing it, i support and fight with bus workers for the nationalisation of all routes and new safe fleets to run in these lanes, then we will have a public transport system we can use and help stop global warming, I live in Dublin North East unlike Mr. Sweeney I traveled to the airport on the A1 route when it was run, I had to go to the airport twice yesterday on business, I commute by PUBLIC transport during my business hours but not yesterday. History: the private service provider pulled the A1 bus route from Howth Junction DART to the Airport when the DART line closed for weekends in 2004 as blogged by me here. The licence for the route still exists and the service is not run anymore, this is what happens to private services, public transport is capable and correct to run at a loss on many routes, that is its function and purpose.
wtf? there is a problem with the FG website in FF (firefox for those thinking fianna fail) the prez photo of mrs & mr edna kenny keeps refreshing in ie its the only pane with #FFFFFF background (FFFFFF is not fianna fail x3)