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Bank officials ‘not paid’ to be confronted by armed robbers

if this Judge was in the Labour Court he could also award the bank officials a pay rise as long as banks have money it will attract robbers.

“People who work in banks, shops and stores are not the best paid workers. They are certainly not paid enough to be confronted by armed robbers” said Judge Tony Hunt

daddy was a bank robber

But the Judge is out of touch with the pay scales in the banks The chief executive of Bank of Ireland, Brian Goggin received a total remuneration (pay plus bonus and pension) of in excess of E2.5m 2005 & near €4M for the financial year just passed.

Rather than a minimum wage that creates an under class (where the minimum becomes the maximum a low pay employer will pay) lets have a real MAXIMUM WAGE where Goggin’s of this world are capped and all workers are to be paid no less than the top executive in a company inside an agreeable national margin.

But there are other kinds of theft. Thousand of people will be homeless today as banks retake their homes. Its no comfort but Bank of Ireland share price on the ISE tumbled over 6% to €9.18 today and the ISE lost €7.2 billion in value over the past 5 days or 36% over the last 9 months.

Our pensions I hear you cry. At the crazy cash casino of capitalism some players are asked to leave the table early. thats the game. the system sucks you dry all your life and then leaves you high and dry.

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