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A field full of bricks? who knows, the council never checked, when i was growing up in the area it was a marsh, a swamp and an illegal dump. For all we know the dumping could be asbestos dumping like what happened down the road on the N32.

Now it remains zoned amenity land thanks to the efforts of the local community, residents associations & community sports groups and the socialist party locally who saved it from rezoning in the county development plan 2005 – 2011. Plans are underway to rezone it again by means of a variation to the dev plan.

please forgive the photo quality but all i had was a 1.2mp camera and the surveyors with staff were on site a few weeks back. I have recorded a piece for radio about this site. Its due to broadcast December 3rd but you can hear it now below.

While not fully explored here there are other issues regarding the glut of housing stock in the County, the amount of already rezoned land that will take this development and the amount of mixed type infill that has already happened in the Baldoyle area.

audio recorded for future use on enviro on Near 90 FM