bebo what’s the story

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whats the story bebo

you send me three emails from friends. you say

Please confirm story about XXXX


xxxx has written a story about how you know one another. Please click below to confirm this story:

but when I go to that page there is no story. I’m asked to write a story! and If i want to see a story my friend wrote about me I’m to go to their page and go into the friends tab. I do this for the three emails bebo sent me and no f’ing story.

Somewhere bebo users have ticked a TICK BOX and bebo thinks this constitutes a story and is worthy of sending me an email to confirm the tick box. I know how I know my friends, they know how they know me, they ticked a box I get some daft email to confirm a non existing story, is this good? No.

Get a life bebo. Your ’email all your friends an invite’ was way too aggressive a year ago. your growth rate needs further aggression and it annoys me. I also dislike the bebo bug that lets unkowns befriend me as they took a quiz of mine!

bebo you should open up. be more RSS friendly be the best open SNS on the block. open to broader design skins by users. Better self publishing tools, better advert self selection. Not more aggressive growth behaviour.

end of rant.