bebo bands music policy

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emma from bebo [link 1] [link 2] said in a recent comment to a question “why don’t bebo feature my band”

A number of people from our service team in Austin go through the queue. For the most part they are instructed not to feature bands with copyrighted music or with tracks of really poor sound quality. However, they do have to go through many bands quickly, so sometime things can be overlooked or buttons mis-pressed.

copyrighted music – so copyrighted music is ok to be on BeBo but policy is that BeBo don’t feature it.

1. whats has it got to do with ‘copyright’ that would see you not featured?
2. why ‘feature’ on the pop front six

Hilary Duff Official UK

Gwen Stefani

Scissor Sisters Official

so policy is out the window.
3. why host music tracks at 160Kbits for free, and ask people to pay Apple 99c for a 128Kbits

turn the world upside down – shake it till the last few cent falls out of our pockets and into theirs