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with all this social networking and blogging, are forums and mailing lists used less? SNs and blogs don’t seem to do ‘virtual community discourse’ like a good old flame war on a BB or a mailing list.

blogs and “be-my-friend” sites are all about the me meme or me,me,me. Where as lists and forums, notwithstanding their more vocal contributors, were to me, all about reaching a public consensus on the topic or thread, to a point where all the points were made or the topic goes cold due to exhaustion.

a quick fire of comments to a blog post might do more for the ego than it will ever do for a topics full on agenda.

has anyone any ideas on how web 1.0 affected the BBS’s etc. of yester-year. or on how web 2.0 is hitting the community driven forums we all hung out on.?
While no one would shut down a forum just because web minutes are being spent elsewhere more (nowadays), as people, and forget tech for a moment, if we fail to use our community forums we are in danger of ending up in gated apartment blocks owned by newSINternational and gooogle. iWarn. Slán.

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