atom2html code in perl

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19 outa 20 blogs I own are WP, the other is blogger. I hold a blogger to stay in touch with the past 🙂

many a client has one too. and some of these clients like to have side bar links in their websites to their blogger blog posts, on every other page of their website.

to this end a simple atom2html script by Stephen K. Anthony was used.

When blogger users choose New blogger over old they do not realise that the atom is shifting also. A quick fix to the by me is here to share with you,,,, I have kept the old method for you old blogger heads who wont upgrade.

To blogger heads that did upgrade, welcome to 2002, from the WP users in 2007.

the perl script is here no warrant(y) blah blah blah.. but if you improve on it pass it on and pass it back. hope this saves someone half an hour… example of use